Divorce in India – Why Is It On the Rise ?

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What Is A Date ? Does it have to involve the possibility of something Physical ?

The leading cause of divorce is marriage…

That makes sense, doesn’t it ? Jokes apart, just putting down some thoughts and some of the reasons the internet provided for relationships breaking up


Times Of India had some hilarious ones – from appearance (assume photoshop for the pics & the veil hid things on the day of marriage?), to artificial jewellery to even the hubby’s cooking skills. One felt her hubby asking her to touch his feet during Karva Chauth was grounds enough…

An astrology site has a pretty good laundry list – from how women, thanks to financial independence / education, don’t tolerate shit anymore, to the misuse of law by gold-diggers to sluggish sex life and the usual (interference by parents – both sides – adultery etc)

Divorce Word Cloud Concept with great terms such as , loveless, marriage, end, laws, infidelity, split, children, and more.

One phenomenon, increasingly visible around us – is the break-up of marriages which have a few miles under their belt. Splits after 10-15-20 years. Despite, as per conventional thinking, kids. Obviously for a spouse to part ways after such a long time together, it’s impossible to summarize it with just a one liner cause. Growing apart, inability to change / mature over time, straws that break the proverbial camel’s back come to mind. Despite many discussions with the aggrieved parties, have still not been able to get my head around this phenomenon – not exactly sure of what happens here. After all, anyone married for a long period can point to certain moments where you’d have thought ‘This is It’ – what differentiates those moments from those who actually break up ? Huffington Post has an article, talking about similar issues, without really shedding much more light

A research joint, The Gottman Institute, claims to have come up with a simple test, which can predict whether you will divorce or not – essentially based on the first three minutes of the couple talking about their marital problems. Just by gauging the negativity (apparently women initiate conflict discussion about 80% of the time – sounds about right !) in the opening statements and the responses. Quite fascinating, based on a study of 124 recently married couples – you can read more on this here


Of course – there is an assumption in most people’s psyche, based on years of sad British pop music and American romances, that assumes divorce is a bad thing, a failure of sorts. In many cases, it may not be – it could be a parting with lots of mutual affection, care for the kids and a chance to start over, live an unfettered life…

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