Sensual Art : The Eighteen Plus Duets Collection

We’re Heading To Goa! Sun, Sand and just the right amount of Sizzle

A showcase on the art and artists who created some spectacular sensual art for Eighteen Plus Duets

Mena Malgonkar

Mena is a graphic space designer and an artist, with about 22 years experience in the Advertising and Design industry.

She has worked as an Art Director in advertising agencies and design agencies such as Mudra, Rediffusion, Ray and Keshavan.
Some of her work has won awards.
She now works on Institutional design, where she designs space using a combination of digital and hand painted art.
She recently conceptualized and executed painting a farm at Nowina, in Poland, with Sanskrit proverbs and India-themed art.

A little about the work for Eighteen Plus:
Sensuality, like charm, is best portrayed by those who don’t know they have it. I wanted to portray the sensuality of innocence and youth, of being sixteen and full of dreams. I like working with light and shade, but I also like working fast, with rapid strokes that capture a moment.
I think all of us value our privacy, and I was looking for those moments when we are by ourselves.
Quiet moments of reflection, of dressing up, of preparing for the day.
This is a girl lost in thought – daydreaming, reflecting, or just thinking of what role the day might have in store for her.


Title: ‘Who shall I be today’ by Mena Malgonkar? Acrylic on canvas
Size: 34 x 34’’


Title: A MOMENT TO MYSELF by Mena Malgonkar
Acrylic on canvas
18.5 ” x 27″

Reha Shishodia

Reha Shishodia was born in 1977 in Mumbai. Art for her is life and all the shades to her personality are drawn out through her art. It is the language of her soul. She draws inspiration from life around her and dives into experiences from the past to the sensory. Her work incorporates elements from socio –political economic, religious and cultural richness of India.


Para-Kama by Reha Shishodia

The result of one of my higher desire- “Parā-kāma “(it means higher desire of spirituality &sensuality )
Size- 2ft(h)x 26″(L)x1ft(w) Medium- wood,fibre and metal


Title-“wily temptress” by Reha Shishodia
Medium-Fiber,wood and metal.

Shailendra Pardeshi

What makes a photo the perfect piece of art? Nothing but the person behind the lens. That makes all the difference…!  With Shailendra as the photographer you don’t expect a photo but you expect such marvellous art created with very precision, superiority, and finesse! With all the technical aspect been taken care of like lights, reflection, frame, angle and the exact moment. Holding a degree in fine arts from prestigious college like Abhinav ,Pune, photography happens to him as his most innate and natural passion.


Title: BE YOURSELF by Shailendra Pardeshi
Description: No words can describe the sensuousness… When senses are already merged
ISO: 800
Exposure time: 1/100sec.
F-stop: f/1.4


Title: BE UNSTOPPABLE by Shailendra Pardeshi
Description: Intimacy is seeing myself in his soul….deeply knowing nothing separates
ISO: 1200
Exopsure time: 1/100sec.
F-stop: f/1.4


Title: CURVE by Shailendra Pardeshi
Description: I see love in my eyes… Your caressing stares make me feel that way…
ISO: 800
Exposure time: 1/100sec.
F-stop: f/1.4


Title: DARK AFFAIR by Shailendra Pardeshi
Description: You are inevitably flawed and imperfectly beautiful…
Details: ISO: 200
Exposure time: 1/120sec.
F-stop: f/1.8


Title: BE BOLD by Shailendra Pardeshi
Description: The intensity of emotions can’t be measured… it just gives!
Details: ISO: 200
Exposure time: 1/50sec.
F-stop: f/2.8

Aditya Jhunjhunwala

Aditya is an engineer by training, and has completed his PGDBM from IIM – Ahmedabad.  He worked with a large multinational technology company managing key global accounts, before venturing to start his business of innovative ceramic gifting products. His ventures have led him to travel and do business in France, Dubai, Israel, Canada and USA. He has always felt a calling to work with young people and help them develop as leaders and creators. Aditya found his opportunity to make a difference when he met Naren and Jyoti in 2012. That meeting led to the creation of Life school Ignite, an organization that is committed to nurture and develop a fraternity of inspired youth who have the desire to live a brilliant life, and the courage to become ‘Forces of Goodness.’ In his free time he loves to sketch and create caricatures of his favourite inspirational people.


Chemical Attraction by Aditya Jhunjhunwala

Acrylic on paper

25” x 19”

The male and female brains have very different responses to SENSUALITY.


Molten Glass by Aditya Jhunjhunwala

Pastel on handmade paper

21.5” x 30”

Sensuality too is like hot glass, know how to handle it, and you can create something very beautiful.

Jayesh Joshi

Jayesh is a 21 year old artist based out of Bangalore. Jayesh mostly works with Anatomy and metaphors. His inspirations come from bodies and words. Although a digital painter, he has a background in oil painting and charcoal sketching; and his work usually reflects similar techniques.

Jayesh5 Jayesh6 Jayesh4 Jayesh3 Jayesh2 Jayesh

Series: Polaroids For A Lover by Jayesh Joshi

Digital Art printed on MDF

Sumeet Narang

Sumeet Narang was born in Delhi and has dabbled with colour since childhood. The human form has been his favourite subject. Working largely with oil on canvas, he likes to blend realism with some unexpected play of colours. He lives in Pune and during his free time works with an India Top 10 corporate as its marketing head. In a marketing career of over two decades, he has worked with Gillette, P&G and Samsung.


Scarlet Shadows by Sumeet Narang

Oil on Canvas

30″ x 40″

Vivek Deshpande

Vivek started painting by mere chance one day when he was accompanying his nine year old daughter to an art jamming session in 2011. Bored while waiting in the studio, he asked the studio owner (a kindly, old gentleman) for a canvas, a brush and some paints to play with. Before he knew it, he had spent five straight hours in the studio – and that was how he started his first painting! he soon started a second painting and since then has done six paintings, mostly depicting scenes from different eras. He has no formal training in painting, but feels a deep connection with the Art and loves the way it immerses him into a completely different world.

He is a Mechanical Engineer and an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad. A Banker by profession, he has varied interests ranging from sports to reading and windsurfing. A nature lover, he is widely travelled and has lived in six different locations across three countries. He now lives in Hong Kong with his wife and two children. Scarlet Temptation is Vivek’s sixth painting and is inspired by his love for mystery and romance..



Oil on canvas

19.5” x 35”

While the setting may simply depict a lady dressing into a scarlet gown, the context is left to the viewer’s imagination

Shipraa Yadav

Artist Shipra Yadav is an amateur self taught artist who is a stay at home mom. Armed with a software engineering degree and an MBA from Mica and International Business From Escem France. She has worked in Dubai, Bangalore and Delhi with mostly liquor brands as a brand manager. A national level Basketball Player and state level Athlete who has won Shiamak Dawars first Delhi Summer Funk apart from being a national level folk Dancer and lately a podium finisher marathoner. Motherhood gave her a chance to paint and now she enjoys it and loves painting roses and abstract nature. This is her first attempt at sensual art but definitely not the last.


Drenched In Desire by Shipraa Yadav

Acrylic on Canvas

24″ x 48″

Tushar Ovhal

Born and brought up in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, Tushar has always aimed to be perfect at everything. A true adventure loving guy and an avid enthusiast of calisthenics. He turns the bike he sits on into a raging bull. He has a true passion for food as well. If there’s something on his plate, it will find its ways in his mouth. A marketer by profession, he likes to sketch in his free time. Charcoal is his medium and likes to draw portraits, landscapes and now he has a new genre to his list.


Make Me Yours by Tushar Ovhal

Charcoal on Paper



Sinfully Yours by Tushar Ovhal

Charcoal on Paper

16″x 23″


Faceless Beauty by Tushar Ovhal

Charcoal on Paper

21.5″ x 30″

Nenad Karadjinovic

He is a photographer, born in Novi Sad – Yugoslavia. He had enrolled in the Academy for art photography in France. He has been participating in photo exhibitions around world since 1993. (Italy, Spain, France, U.K. India, Singapore, Japan, USA)

Solo exhibitions:

1996 Backa Palanka(YU), Osaka(Japan)2001.

Rouen(France)2002. Novi Sad(YU)2003.

Atena(Greece)2004. Novi Sad(YU)2005.


New York(USA)2016.

Nenad5 Nenad4 Nenad3 Nenad2 Nenad

Photography Series by Nenad Karadjinovic

Photos on Canvas

Karishma Goyal Bansal

They say beautiful art is food for one’s soul – for Karishma that is true! It is the beauty that she found in others’ art that made her take this plunge into this wonderful world of colours. She was born and brought up in Chandigarh. An engineer by profession with a keen interest in Math, she has mentored many students in the continents of Asia, Europe and North America. Her love for numbers made her pursue CFA and one would usually find her rallying or tumbling along or against the stock market on any given weekday! She strives to make paintings that captivate the onlooker, make them come back for a second look in an art gallery, and stay with them when they go home, paintings that never merge into the background, but are admired every single day by their proud owners.


The Feisty One by Karishma Goyal Bansal

Watercolours on Arches 300 gsm paper

27” x 37”

I am a real woman, comfortable in my own skin, feared, revered and desired by those around me… I am whatever the hell I want to be!


The Ethereal One by Karishma Goyal Bansal

Watercolours on Arches 300 gsm paper

30” x 38 “

All one can do is behold her from a distance since a touch would surely sully her! She will yet make a believer out of you

Manaas Lal

Maanas Lal has, at a very young age, made his presence felt as a fine artist, and whenever there is a mention of leading artists in Doon valley, his name usually comes up. He is a painter, photographer and digital artist. What has brought this attention to his work so early in his creative life?

He has held several solo exhibitions of his work apart from participating in numerous group exhibitions. These exhibitions have been held all over the country. His works have received critical as well as commercial acclaim. He has globe trotted with the objective of adding ideas and images from around the world to his already enviable collection of artwork. Many of these works have been exhibited and sold in exhibitions to clients from all over the word. Among others, his work has been lapped up by internationally known industrialists, parliamentarians and sportspersons.. Sensuality can be fantasized even in the most desolate corners if you have the eye for it; physical walls or mental barriers notwithstanding.


Seduce My Mind by Manaas Lal

Digital Art on Canvas

35” x 52”


Magic Lies In Curves by Manaas Lal

Digital Art on Canvas

35” x 26”


Find Ecstasy Within by Manaas Lal

Digital Art on Canvas

35” x 23”

Bijay Biswaal

The self taught railwayman with an unbridled passion for painting, who has successfully carried his passion to national and international level.

Just a few of his achievements:

Painting ODISHA VILLAGE wins 1 st award..( jury category). in Istanbul international watercolor society monthly contest ,TURKEY.. Feb-2013 # Painting FIRE wins 2 nd award in professional category in 23 rd all ind art contest.( 2008)SCZCC,NAGPUR # painting RUSH HOUR, wins national award in all india art contest.. anand.. Gujarat.. year 2015 #painting SAAWAN SOMWAR gets prestigious RAJA RAVI VERMA ADARANLJALI award in April 30 th .. 2013.


Rambha by Bijay Biswaal

Water color on hahnemuelle paper.

22” x 30”

Why should men have all the fun? This is a take on modern woman who no longer prefers to be a passive bed partner. She is eager to have the first move.


How To Tame The Wild Beast by Bijay Biswaal

Water color on hahnemuelle paper.

22” x 15”

To arouse the animal and of course who knows better than a woman

Arijit Lahiri


The Embrace by Arijit Lahiri

Charcoal on paper

Size A3

In moments of pure passion, it becomes difficult to tell where one body starts and the other bends…


Temptation by Arijit Lahiri

Charcoal on paper

Size A3

In that moment between one and the other, what was the true temptation? To give in or to play on….






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